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Tambuca Music

Tambuca is a DJ-driven band utilizing digital and analog techniques to create an intoxicating blend of beats with live instrumentation.  Horns, percussion, guitar, and assorted noisemakers blend with the DJ to create House music you’ve never heard before, and will never hear the same way again. It’s completely improvised, completely unrehearsed, and always a surprise.  Tambuca plays Deep House Music with a decidedly Latin edge but is always in tune with a room’s dictates and adapts accordingly.  Tambuca includes Tim Schweitzer (DJ Jezus Juice) – DJ / noise makers,  Dean Vaccaro – DJ / Percussion /Noisemakers,   Chuck Love – Trumpet / Flute / Guitar.  Tom Scott (Spicy T) – Percussion / Vibraphone / All things funky.  

Sample Mixes