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Join us on Friday, November 17th at Glass House in Minneapolis for the November SNT Pop-Up. We are seamlessly blending art, music, cocktails, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

– DJ Ray Mills
– DJ Cousin Christopher

Jackie Claiborne’s work is deeply personal, serving as a conduit for joy and self-exploration, bridging the gap between reality and spirituality. Rather than focusing on the final product, the artist emphasizes the process of creation, encouraging viewers to engage with their work through a lens of curiosity and playfulness. This particular project utilized new PET plastic, but the artist plans to incorporate recycled materials in future projects, applying a quilting technique to assemble individual pieces, allowing each to form its unique shape. 

SNT brings a fresh take on social experiences: high-end yet hospitable, private yet inclusive, embodying elements of culture while rooted in familiarity. Premiere access to music, art, cocktails, and more is curated by a wide range of emerging artists, designers, and businesses that showcase Minnesota’s rich, diverse cultures.

“I had an Art Basel – level experience – in Minneapolis.” 
~ Past Attendee

A limited number of FREE tickets are available for this event. Please click the ticket link above or visit Eventbrite for your complimentary tickets. I

f you don’t RSVP it is $10.00 at the door. 

MN4MN is proud to partner with Glass House on SNT popups. Over the past several years, Glass House has become the headquarters for the industrious Hennepin Made glass blowing studio, a private events space for business gatherings, ceremonies, and food programming, a residence for artists, and an unlikely center for cultural exploration.

The event promises to be another unforgettable night of art, music, and craft cocktails that are certain to heighten your senses.