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All Hail SNT: First & Only Pop-Up

All Hail SNT: First & Only Pop-Up Elevated Lounge Experience Launches July 2023 in Minneapolis at Glass House.

Highly curated art, music, and mixology experience elevates standard pop-up concept while celebrating the rich, cultural Minnesota arts and design community; SNT lounge experiences are available for private and corporate events c/o MN4MN.

MINNEAPOLIS, June 26th, 2023 – MN4MN, a dynamic creative consultancy promoting, highlighting, and fostering, offers ticketed guests a fresh, innovative social experience. Minnesota’s diverse arts and design community is pleased to announce the launch of SNT (pronounced “Saint”), the first and only pop-up elevated lounge experience that offers ticketed guests a fresh, innovative social experience.

The first two SNT lounge events take place July 20 and 21, each from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., at Glass House in Minneapolis. Tickets are limited to 200, ranging from $35 for general access to $150 for VIP levels that include exclusive gifts and perks. Both evenings feature artist installations by Arianne Zager and Women artisans from Kenya, as well as SNT goods – totes, candles, and more. Food by Bougie Waffles and Cocktails curated by Glass House and MN4MN.
Music featuring:

SNT elevates the idea of a pop-up concept while standing out from standard and VIP bars and lounges in two ways:

  1. SNT lounges offer premiere access to music, food, art, cocktails, and more curated from a wide range of emerging artists, designers, and businesses that showcase the rich, diverse cultures across Minnesota.
  2. With its pop-up model, SNT brings the elevated lounge experience to a wide range of public and private settings. Beyond the initial launch events, the MN4MN team will work directly with brands to curate and scale a pop-up elevated lounge experience that engages guests with fantastic art, food, music, and products.

“The SNT vibe is ‘stop in for the art, stay for the evening,’ no matter where the lounge experience takes place,” said Ini Iyamba, co-owner and creative director MN4MN. “We aim for SNT to bring a fresh take on social experiences: high-end yet hospitable, private yet inclusive, embodying elements of culture while rooted in familiarity. We’re thrilled to launch this concept and look forward to working with brands who seek to bring curated experiences like SNT to life.”

     MN4MN is built on the following goals, which come to life through the SNT model:

  • To support and empower brands and businesses by providing platforms to connect with enthusiastic audiences with fresh and innovative experiences.
  • To curate an environment that nurtures and supports emerging Minnesotan brands, allowing a space where talented individuals can thrive, develop their skills, and expand their reach.
  • To foster an inclusive environment that strives to motivate and inspire creatives, entrepreneurs, and businesses in our community.
  • To bring these efforts full circle by creating viable spaces giving brands and businesses the platform to grow while contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the local economy.

MN4MN is proud to partner with Glass House to launch SNT. Over the past several years, Glass House has become the headquarters for the industrious Hennepin Made glass blowing studio, a private events space for business gatherings, ceremonies, food programming, a residence for artists, and an unlikely center for cultural exploration.

The event promises to be an unforgettable night of art, music, and craft cocktails that is certain to heighten your senses.  Get your tickets now!

Event Details:

SNT Cocktails, Art & Music
Pull Up:  Glass House Event Center
Dates:  July 20th – Featuring DJ Tricky Miki & DJ Cousin Christopher
Dates:  July 21st – Featuring DJ Willie Shu & DJ Don Greene
Time:  8 pm to 1 am

About MN4MN

MN4MN is a dynamic creative consultancy and movement dedicated to promoting, highlighting, and fostering Minnesota’s diverse and burgeoning community of emerging artists, designers, and businesses. We provide a platform for talented creatives to showcase their work and connect with audiences eager for fresh and innovative experiences. Through our support and guidance, we aim to cultivate a thriving arts and business community that reflects the rich cultural diversity of Minnesota. For more information, visit

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